Pick your fabrics from our seasonal materials to create your own FLÜFS and let us do the rest !

自己 FLÜFS - Make your own !

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    • Faux-fur n°1 : black#1/brown#2/blue#3/dark green#4/white#5
    • Faux-fur n°2 : black#1/brown#2/blue#3/dark green#4/white#5
    • Fabric n°1 : blue velvet/red velvet/pink silk/orange silk/yellow coton
    • Fabric n°2 : blue velvet/red velvet/pink silk/orange silk/yellow coton
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© 2019 by the FLÜFS.

Photos by Alex F. Webb

Models Anna Corfa & Stewart-Alexander Annani


Let's get to know each other. What is your name ? What are you passionate about ? How do you feel today ? We already love you.

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