CROWFUNdinG target reached!

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

THANK YOU! Thanks to our 75 backers, our crowdfunding was successful! We are now ready to start production of our first ever capsule collection. You will find updates and news on this page!

TO you, great FLÜFS backers : THANK YOU !

A FLÜFS is worth a thousand words but we particularly wanted to thank :

Mara B., Majdouline B., Donatella B., Isabelle T., Clément G., Edwige D., Dounia D., Laura C., Muriel G., Paul T., Emilien J., Eleonore S., Brigitte M., Langelot, Olivier R., Céline G., Baptiste G., Julien B., Jacqueline F., Dina S., Christian T., Isabelle T., Emile T., Carole M., Jihan E., Isabelle G., David C., Ilana T., Nermine T., Noha G., Emmanuel S., Mathilde S., Alix M., Amaury C., Yann G., Elvire F., Laure P., Mourad D., Léonard S., Tiphaine D., Marie C., Célia P., Laurent M., Benoît R., Antoine G., Dorothée B., Aman S., Marie-Ange L., Tara H., Khalil T., Amable W., Pauline F., Naomi A., Adah J., Youcef B., Marine L., Solange M., Eleonore K., Pierre F., Aurore C., Nicolas M., Maylis B., Pierre L., David H., Nicole H., Myriam M. & Constantin A. !


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© 2019 by the FLÜFS.

Photos by Alex F. Webb

Models Anna Corfa & Stewart-Alexander Annani


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